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About Us

E-Services was started in the city of Prešov, Slovakia, in 1991, originally named as English Services, with the mission to provide high quality translation, interpreting and English-teaching services for local companies, organisations, and the general public.

Thanks to its focus on quality, it quickly succeeded as a reliable local supplier of such services and, in the course of the following decade, it provided solid basics of spoken English, so important for living and working in today’s globalized world, to hundreds of graduates of its courses.

After the arrival of the Internet in the second half of the 1990s, the company gradually expanded the provision of its translation services far beyond Prešov, and gradually won a number of regular big and small customers around Slovakia, Europe, and the USA.

More than 15 years after its foundation, the company completed its successful post-Velvet Revolution mission in English language teaching and focused on the provision of professional translations for the business sector.

Using the advantage of its technical knowledge and analytical capabilities, the company subsequently expanded its services with the provision of technical consulting for small design projects and, in 2011, shortened its name to E-Services. The tasks it solved in the technical field typically included load analyses, stress calculations, structural tests, and the optimisation of structures.

Since 2009, the company has participated in several successful ultralight aircraft certification programmes and has become an expert on ultralight aircraft certification specifications and on showing compliance with them.

In 2020, the company moved its office from the ever busier and hotter Prešov to calm, quiet and cooler Daletice, a small village below one of the tops of the picturesque Šariš Highlands, where it also started to get involved in the design of small eco-friendly check dams made of natural materials to counteract flash floods and erosion, and to create favourable conditions for maintaining biodiversity and improving the environment. At the time of fast climatic change and ever bigger weather extremes, our work in this field is our new long-term mission in an effort to mitigate their adverse effects.