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Technical Consulting

Our services in the technical field are an equally important part of our activities alongside our translation services.

Our analyses, load calculations, and structural tests according to the requirements of European and American certification specifications prove the structural safety of several serially manufactured ultralight aircraft. Modifications designed by us increase their safety and improve their flight characteristics.

Our technical activities, however, are far from limited to aircraft and mechanical structures.

At the time of fast climatic change and ever bigger weather extremes, our latest field of activities is the designing of small eco-friendly check dams made of natural materials to counteract flash floods and erosion, and to create favourable conditions for maintaining biodiversity and improving the environment. It is a field in which we can fully utilize our extensive knowledge of fluid dynamics and ecology of water courses. Check dams designed by us are not just eco-friendly, easy to build, highly functional, safe, and long-lasting but also nice-looking an interesting for tourists.